Brady Toensing obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from Georgetown University.  He is admitted to practice law in Maryland, Vermont, and Washington, DC. 


Before joining diGenova & Toensing, Mr. Toensing worked for United States Senator Warren B. Rudman.  As a Special and Legislative Assistant to Senator Rudman, he was responsible for ERISA, Medicare, Agriculture, Campaign Finance and Labor issues.  He also assisted in international trade development.   


As an attorney he has represented companies, individuals and other entities in a wide range of complex civil and criminal matters, including administrative, judicial, and federal agency proceedings.  His practice, with some samples, is summarized below.


Government Clients. Mr. Toensing represented the government of the District of Columbia and the Director of its prison system in Section 1983 cases in Superior and Federal Courts involving the deaths of two prisoners sent to a private prison. He devised the argument that allowed the Firm’s client to be dismissed from the federal case based on qualified immunity and won a stay of proceedings in Superior Court based on this argument. (The case settled prior to the appellate hearing).


Mr. Toensing represented an FBI Hostage Rescue Team member during all manner of inquiries concerning Ruby Ridge and Waco. These included a federal grand jury investigation, state criminal proceedings, and Congressional investigations. He also represented a federal government employee in a whistleblowing case against the U.S. Department of State during the Clinton Administration.


Mr. Toensing has represented CIA and FBI employees in internal hearings and investigations, and represented a Member of Congress during the Campaign Finance Task Force inquiry.


Congress. Mr. Toensing has represented clients in a number of Congressional investigations, including Clinton White House Pardon issues, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and during the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations inquiry into tax shelters. He also helped to develop and implement a successful Legislative and Executive Branch strategy regarding healthcare issues for a major trade organization.  


International. Mr. Toensing has represented clients in MLAT inquiries and for extraditions. He has also handled Customs and Immigration cases. For the past nine years, he has represented the former President of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through liquidation and multiple lawsuits involving allegations of international money laundering and bank fraud.


Grand Jury Investigations. Mr. Toensing has represented clients in grand jury investigations into numerous allegations, including those involving money-laundering, government procurement, labor, healthcare, witness tampering, campaign finance, false statements, wire and mail fraud, and obstruction of justice.


Discrimination Cases. Mr. Toensing has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in gender discrimination cases. As a plaintiff's counsel, he drafted the complaint and devised a successful strategy against a major United States company that was systematically discriminating against its female employees.


Investigations and Compliance Programs. Mr. Toensing has conducted internal investigations and prepared reports and compliance programs for national and international corporations, and labor unions.


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